Home Heating During the Winter Months

Posted on: Aug 30, 2016


Thankfully in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you don’t need the heat running throughout the year. In fact, you probably only run it for a few months, which is great at saving you money. When it comes time to heating your home, what is the best option available? There are a few different home heating options, so educating yourself before selecting one is a good idea.


This is the most common form of home heating. Chances are, if you have a heating system set up in your home, it runs off of a furnace. The furnace blows warm air through air ducts throughout the house. The improved air temperature is created by burning gas (or oil). There are some quality furnaces out there, and the latest condensing furnaces deliver 90 percent of the created heat to the home (this drops to about 80 percent with the older, conventional furnace).

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is one of the best eco friendly options available. It takes warm temperatures from the earth below your house and pumps it up through the home. It can do this during the summer months too by pumping up cold air into the house. Many home owners use this in addition to another heat option as it reduces energy bills while helping you go a more eco friendly route.

Radiant Floor Heat

This is one of the newest methods available on the market today. In this method, the floor of your home is heated, which in turn allows the heat to rise through the room. This is a very specific option and you won’t be able to go with carpeting, but if you’re tired of cold floors and want more direct control over every room, this is a great option to consider.

This option is far more common throughout other areas of the world (ductwork is not as common in other areas of the world). With this heat method, refrigerant lines run throughout the house, delivering heat to individual rooms.

Whether you are ready for a new home heating option or you have specific HVAC questions, at Airco Service Inc, we are here to help. Give us a call. Certified, professional customer service representatives are ready to speak directly to you.

Picking the right home heating option can save you money and keep your Tulsa, Oklahoma home comfortable throughout the year.