Why Your Home AC Needs a Tune Up

Posted on: Jul 21, 2016

Home AC

Your air conditioner requires regular tuning up even as the season begins to wane, both for this year and next. When you get an air conditioner tune up, you increase your system’s efficiency and use less power while keeping your equipment working for longer.

Power Usage

One vital aspect of your air conditioner tune up should be to have everything electrical checked for voltage and power flow. A loose wire is naturally a potential fire hazard. As well, issues with power flow can make your system use more power and drive up your cooling costs. For professionals, monitoring the amount of power your equipment uses is a simple process that can result in dramatically increasing how long and how well your system will operate.

Another vital aspect of your hvac maintenance is the control system. Ensuring that the system turns on when it should and maintains the temperature it is supposed to adds comfort and protects you from unsafe operation. Poor controls are potentially as dangerous and as much risk of fire as loose connections are.

Friction and Damage

Friction is a poor situation in your a/c system at any time of the year. When moving parts are not routinely oiled, they will begin to rub unnecessarily, which will wear them out prematurely and cause your cooling bill to rise. Having your hvac system lubricated is a basic aspect of the air conditioner tune up, and one that pays for itself easily.

More Refrigerant is Better

Refrigerant levels are also an important facet of an air conditioner tune up. When your refrigerant level gets low, your system can perform a great deal less efficiently, which will grow your bill without adding any more comfort to your home. Aside from your hvac system’s controls, this may be the simplest fix that yields the greatest level of return on time spent maintaining it.

Cleaning Up

Checking the drainage of your a/c system is a crucial part of home maintenance, as a clogged drain can result in water damaging your home. As well, this can cause your home’s humidity levels to go upward dramatically, even causing rot to form if the problem goes unchecked for a long time. Cleaning the condenser coils and air filters is an aspect of your a/c maintenance that you can do for yourself. Both of these keep your system operating efficiently and reduce your level of operational expense.