Why It’s Important To Use An Expert For Electrical Repair

Posted on: Jul 05, 2016

Electrical Repair

Spoiler Alert: Chapter Two tells us that “15 ampere general-purpose branch circuits for dwellings shall supply a maximum of 8 outlets.”  If you have no idea what that first sentence means, then you should not attempt electrical repair around your home. If you do not know the difference between the National Electrical Code®, 2014 Edition and the adopted codes of the Oklahoma Uniform Building Code Commission, leave electrical repair to professional electricians, such as the expert team from Airco Service, Inc.

By the Code

While you can look up the 2014 edition of the National Electrical Code® yourself, if you lack the training and tools to understand its details, you risk your family’s safety, your home and possibly your life by trying to tackle electrical repairs on your own. Our trained electricians not only know the national code, they know the alterations to the code that Oklahoma’s Building Code Commission has put into law.

Repair Services

No matter your electrical dilemma, trust Airco Service Inc. to provide the correct electrical repair, adhering to the Code and keeping your family safe. Repair services include:

  • Replacing switches, dimmers, circuit breakers, timers and other controls
  • Repairing or replacing receptacles, ground fault interrupters, arc fault circuit interrupters
  • Repairing receptacles and electrical cords on equipment, such as plug-in appliances or receptacles on stoves
  • Repairing or rewiring light fixtures, recessed can lights and ceiling fans
  • Troubleshooting under-cabinet lighting, security lighting and accent lighting, including incandescent, fluorescent or LED fixtures

New Work

In addition to a long list of electrical repair services, Airco Services, Inc. also can help with new projects. We can:

  • Upgrade and rebuild your home’s or business’s main electrical service
  • Install or replace breaker and fuse panels
  • Install and Maintain standby generator systems
  • Wire new circuits for any electrical item, such as a new mini split-unit central air conditioner, kitchen accessory or whole-house fan
  • Install new energy-efficient lighting, such as compact fluorescent or LED fixtures
  • Provide main service surge protection to protect your whole house from electrical surges
  • Perform whole-home electrical inspections

No Chance

At Airco Service, Inc. we take no chance with electricity. Your electrical repair or new work gets our undivided attention. We follow Oklahoma electrical code, use licensed, trained and certified electricians, and provide 24/7 emergency electrical repair service. Take no chance with your family’s safety or the protection of your home—contact Airco Services, Inc. for your electrical work today.