Why It’s Important to Embrace Energy Efficiency in Your Home

Posted on: Apr 21, 2016

home efficiency

Have you ever wondered why homeowners are being encouraged to embrace energy efficiency in their homes? The reason is simple; energy efficiency comes with plenty of benefits. Here are four of the most obvious.

  • Energy efficiency saves money

An average household in the USA spends at least $2,200 on energy per year. But by making energy efficient improvements, choosing energy-efficient appliances, and taking energy-efficient approaches in everyday life, you can save hundreds of dollars off that amount.

For example, by replacing your ordinary refrigerator with an Energy Star model, you could save up to $165 per year! In total, replacing all your appliances with Energy Star alternatives can save you up to 30% in electricity bills. If you can then replace your ordinary bulbs with energy efficient halogens, LEDs, and CFLs, you could save another 30-80 percent on lighting bills. Add a few energy-saving practices such as washing clothes using cold water and you’d have another $63/year in savings.

  • Improved quality of life

Through weather stripping, caulking, and insulation, you can effectively block airflow within the home. A properly insulated home will keep indoor air cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

Moreover, when you have energy efficient light bulbs, you’ll not always have to change the bulbs when seasons change. This leads to greater peace and a more enjoyable environment.

  • Increase value of the home

A 2013 study by the National Association of Home Builders, titled; What Home Buyers Really want shows that you can actually make a lot more money from your home if you install energy efficient appliances. The study revealed that a