Important Questions to Ask Your Electrical Contractor

Posted on: Apr 14, 2016

electrical wires

It is essential for both the owner of a home or business and an electrical contractor to be on the proverbial same page when it comes to a project – large or small. The best way to get this relationship off to a good start is for the owner to ask the right questions beforehand. Here are just some of the things to you should clarify before the project gets underway:

What are your credentials? – In addition to checking with the local Chamber of Commerce and BBB, ensure that you examine the relevant documentation of the contractor. These documents will include their license, bonding papers and proof of insurance. Lastly, take the time to contact some of their references for added peace of mind.

What is included in the bid? – The scope of the project should be clearly defined. Otherwise, one or both of you is going to be disappointed in the result. In addition to the basic work, the issue of change orders should be addressed. It is simply no fun to be hit with an immense bill when something unexpected is encountered.

What is the time line for completion? – Another sore spot for homeowners can be a project that takes to long to complete. A basic repair should only take a day or two. For larger projects, a clearly delineated, written schedule should be negotiated so there are no miscommunications about what should happen and when.

Who is in charge on-site? – Often a contractor will utilize sales people who do the estimating and negotiation but are not the hands-on talent at the job site. A homeowner should make sure that they know who is responsible while the crew is on-site and the actual work is being done.

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