Trustworthy HVAC Air Conditioning Service

Posted on: Mar 24, 2016

Air Conditioning filter

Heating and cooling comfort are the primary reasons for getting a heating and air conditioning installation. Getting an HVAC system installation is not just a matter of going shopping and picking the system that seems to be most reasonably priced. You need to get a reliable HVAC contractor with a proven track record, and this is where we come in.

For you to obtain the maximum efficiency from your heating and air conditioning installation, Airco Services will:

  • Help you select the right sized Heating and cooling system for your home
  •  Do a professional and proper installation of your HVAC system
  •  Pinpoint and remedy any existing or potential problem in your insulation and air duct system before we do the installation, maintenance or repair job.

Our other HVAC services include:

Improving Energy Efficiency

A leaking duct system can drive your monthly energy expenses through the roof. Our expert technicians will help seal all your leaking air ducts which will automatically boost efficiency. Additionally, we can also help you replace dirty AC filters and clean up the evaporator coil. We will also direct you on how to keep your outside AC unit from being obstructed and how to maintain the recommended blower speed.

Reducing Hydro Consumption

After installing, servicing or repairing your HVAC system, the next thing we do is teach you how to reduce your hydro consumption. You can achieve this by turning off all the lights, electrical devices, and appliances that are not being used.

Better still, you can use exhaust fans to take out heat from the hottest rooms in your house such as your kitchen. You can also use ceiling fans together with your air conditioning installation to increase the cooling effect and the air flow as well. Once your room has achieved the desired cooling, turn off your AC as the ceiling fans consume far less energy.

In-depth explanation of your HVAC air conditioning installation

Through our many years of experience, we have found that a homeowner who is knowledgeable about their HVAC system, is less likely to have typical heating and cooling problems. As such, our expert technicians will give you a detailed explanation of how your system works and also how to care for it to avoid any malfunction.

Airco Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing trustworthy HVAC air conditioning services to homeowners in Tulsa, OK and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.