Redefine your living space with the perfect heating and air conditioning service

Posted on: Feb 25, 2016

HVAC Service

In summer, the sweltering heat can be more than unbearable.  This is when you fan yourself with anything that can move especially if you don’t have an air conditioning system. The winter can get you nibbling on your finger nails just unable to keep warm. The good news is that you have come to the right place for excellent heating and air conditioning services. There are plenty of options that you can choose from depending on the make of your house.

  • Ductless air conditioning units; these consist of an indoor component which is mounted on a wall inside your house and an outdoor component which is fixed next to your house. Though the installation is somewhat complex due to the two components, the result is well worth the effort. The aesthetic advantage with the ductless unit is that you can choose to install it where it looks good as opposed to having a huge box that’s fixed on the nearest window.  A ductless unit is perfect if you live in a relatively hot area where you need to cool off a considerably large area within your house. It has one of the best cooling powers.
  • Window air conditioning units; these air conditioners are specifically designed for casement windows that open horizontally as they tend to be taller than wider. Though getting a conditioner that perfectly fits your window may be quite a challenge, it may be worth checking out, especially if the area you want to cool is not too big. The advantage of a window unit is that all the essential cooling components are fitted in one box. As a result, the installation process is quite simple.
  • Wall air conditioning units; this is very similar to a window unit with the difference being that instead of fitting the conditioner in a window, you have to cut out a huge hole in your wall. We can provide you with an expert installer to ensure your HVAC system is not damaged.
  • Portable air conditioner units; as the name suggests, these conditioners are set on the floor, next to a window. It has hoses which are designed to transport cold and hot air through a window.

Heating and air conditioning is the soul of every home.We offer excellent heating and air conditioning services. Get in touch with us and let us do all the work for you!