Efficient Homes Save Money And Boost Comfort, Too

Posted on: Feb 04, 2016

Efficient Home
Efficient homes don’t happen by accident. On the other hand, they’re not usually the result of dramatic, big-ticket projects, either. Increasing the energy efficiency of your house isn’t rocket science. It’s more often a combination of basic common-sense measures, all of which are time-tested and proven.  The good news is, efficient homes deliver lower monthly operating costs and also provide a more comfortable living environment in all seasons.

Caulk And Weatherstrip

Use caulking to seal the structural cracks and gaps that exist in any house. It’s inexpensive and a simple DIY project. Caulk along the joint between ceilings and walls, the vertical joint between walls and along the joint between baseboard and floor. Outdoors look for any gaps in exterior walls or siding and fill those, too. To fill openings too large to caulk, use spray foam insulation in a can. Replace worn weatherstripping around moveable surfaces of doors and windows.

Measure The Insulation

In winter, heat energy rises and conducts through the ceiling into your attic, increasing heating costs. During summer, an overheated attic radiates heat downward into rooms and overworks your air conditioner. Reduce heat loss and heat gain by making sure you have sufficient attic insulation. By current standards, many houses are under-insulated. In our climate zone, the Department of Energy recommends insulating the attic to a level of R30 to R60. This translates into 10 inches to 16 inches of standard fiberglass batts or 8 inches  to 15 inches of cellulose loose-fill.

Test The Ducts

Leaks in ductwork allow expensive heated and cooled air to escape into the attic, crawl space or other unconditioned zones. A qualified HVAC contractor can pressure-test the ducts to determine the extent of leakage and discuss available options for sealing, if required.

Maintain The Systems

Schedule annual preventive maintenance for your furnace and air conditioner at the start of each respective operating season. Maintaining equipment to manufacturer’s specs ensures optimum efficiency and performance, as well as fulfills the requirements to keep your warranty valid.

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