The Expert’s Guide to Energy Efficient Homes

Posted on: Dec 29, 2015

Energy Efficient Homes

The energy efficiency of a home is measured by the design and the equipment used inside. These are the hallmarks of an energy efficient home, and how you can upgrade yours to be the same:


Gaps around windows, skylights, and doors can make your electricity bills run quit high. Sadly, even air ducts that are meant to carry conditioned air to all rooms in the home do get leaks. You can confirm this by physical inspection or a difference in the quality of air, usually on the negative side, in a particular room or part of the house. During construction or remodeling, consider hiring an expert to seal these gaps or replace the ducts where necessary.

Another preventative measure that should be taken is air sealing around outlets like doors. Heat is also majorly lost and trapped through the walls. You seal these places by putting up insulating material or insulating windows and doors themselves.


Use approved energy saving light bulbs and electric lamps.


HVAC systems should have high energy efficiency ratings from government approved bodies like Energy Star or Leed. The same goes for refrigerators, TVs, sound bars washers and dryers.

Energy efficient homes are not only comfortable, but are also healthy. The respiratory system is not exposed to potentially harmful substances that hang in damp air or air that is too dry.

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