Why Generators will be Important for this Winter

Posted on: Dec 08, 2015

Generators Airco Service

If you’ve been watching the weather forecast recently, you’ve probably heard the dire predictions for a cold, wet winter due to the effects of El Nino. The heavy snowfall and ice accumulation associated with this type of weather wreaks havoc on power lines and often leads to extended periods without electricity. To protect yourself from the inconvenience and dangers associated with power loss, let Airco Heating and Air services install a generator for your home or business. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to act now to be properly prepared for winter conditions.

Generator Selection

You want to make sure a generator can meet your energy requirements, but there’s no reason to buy more generator than you need. If you wait until the need arises and generators are in heavy demand, you’ll only be able to choose from what’s left in stock, if anything is available at all. Let Airco work with you to evaluate your needs and select the right size generator for your situation.

Generator Installation

While it’s possible to run extension cords to a generator to power small appliances, the best use of a generator is to have it wired into your electrical main. This makes using the generator more convenient and safer, and ensures uninterrupted service. By planning ahead and letting Airco perform a professional generator installation, you can relax this winter knowing you’re prepared.

Uninterrupted Service

Once a generator is connected to your home or business and topped off with fuel, there’s nothing more to do. At the first sign of power loss, a fully integrated generator will immediately begin to supply power. For people who depend on medical devices for their health, uninterrupted power is essential. This is also important to businesses who depend on electricity for point of sales terminals, security, etc.

Don’t let a harsh, winter forecast cause you stress. Plan ahead by selecting and installing a backup generator before the need arises. Airco offers a complete range of home and business generators and our certified technicians have the expertise to install them properly. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. One of our technicians will help you evaluate your generator requirements and select the solution that’s best for your situation and budget.