Where to locate a qualified residential electrician to install your HVAC system

Posted on: Nov 19, 2015

keep your home cool in the summer

Almost half the energy used up in your home goes to powering your heating and cooling system. So, it is important to make smart decisions on your homes air conditioning, heating and ventilating systems because they are detrimental to your comfort and utility bills. To increase the efficacy of your heating and cooling system, ensure you take the following steps:

Replace your air filter regularly.

During the cold and hot weather, you use your unit heavily. Make a point of having your filter checked every month by a qualified residential electrician. You should ensure that you have replaced your air filter after every 3 months at the minimum. When your air filter is dirty, it will slow down the airflow into your home and your system will consume more energy to make your home warm or cool. A clean filter will prevent dirt from building up in the unit which would otherwise cause your system to fail or you would incur huge expenses to repair your unit.

Remember to tune up your HVAC equipment every year.

Just like you tune up your car to improve the gas mileage, tuning up your HVAC system will improve its efficiency.

Have a programmable thermostat installed.

If you spend most of your time away from home, you need a thermostat to help you save on your utility bills. It is estimated that a properly installed programmable thermostat can save you up to $200 every year. A thermostat will also improve the temperature in your home and heat or cool rooms that need more heating and cooling than others.

Advantages of having a properly installed HVAC system include;

The increase of the resale value of your property. Most prospective buyers will evaluate your home by considering the quality and state of your system. A properly installed and maintained unit will consume less energy. This will make your home more marketable in case you want to sell it in future.

You will enjoy the peace and comfort of your home. A modern HVAC system that is properly installed will absorb the noise from the system and you will not hear the irritating noise that comes from the older models. Thus, you can enjoy the comfort of your heated home every day.

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