Top 10 Reasons to Purchase a Nest Thermostat in 2020

Posted on: Jan 02, 2020

Nest Thermostats have become increasingly popular in the past couple of years, with climatic conditions ever-changing and becoming increasingly harsh. Having a device like the Nest can be a convenient way to control your home’s temperature. These thermostats come packed with several features and benefits to ensure that your home is comfortable. Here’s a list of the top ten reasons to buy a Nest Thermostat in 2020 from Airco Service:

1. Saves Money

Nest Thermostats have several features and settings specially integrated to give you more control overheating and cooling. This gives you more control over the amount of energy you use at any particular time. Thus, it helps you to save more on energy costs.

2. User-Friendliness

Nest Thermostats are very user-friendly, uncomplicated, and easy to install and don’t take much time to maintain. The thermostat lights up, enabling you to read its current settings. It’s lighting also changes between blue and red, depending on whether you are using the air conditioner or the furnace.

3. Saves Energy

These thermostats intelligently monitor current environmental temperatures and suggest energy-saving opportunities whenever any pop-up. Within a few days of installation, the thermostat will have learned your preferences and use them to personalize your green “eco” settings based on them.

4. Track Your Goals

These thermostats have a configuration that enables users to check their energy history over time. The company also records all data collected by the devices, which users can view through the company’s website or use the mobile application. You have more data on how your air conditioning and heating runs and can use it to cut energy costs.

5. Save While Away

The Nest Thermostat has internal motion sensors and other related features that sense when no one is home. This feature enables the thermostat to change temperatures automatically, which can also save you a lot of energy. Customers can also control this feature while away using the mobile app.

6. The Leaf Indicator

The leaf indicator appears when the thermostat determines that you’re using an energy-efficient setting. This feature can help you save about 5% of your total energy bill provided you keep it at a temperature setting where the leaf icon always appears.

7. It Learns Your Routine

After a few days of running, the Nest Thermostat learns your settings based on your routine. The Nest products have a level of intelligence. So, if you change the temperature up or down routinely at specific times, the thermostat learns this behavior and starts switching to it automatically.

8. Smart Home Integration

Thanks to its many functions and smart features, users can easily integrate Nest Thermostats into their smart home devices such as lights, hubs, and locks. You can also schedule the thermostat to work with other automation systems.

9. Access the Thermostat from Anywhere

All Nest product settings are accessible from tablets and smartphones using the company’s app. This feature enables users to have control over their thermostats from anywhere, and choose better temperatures where necessary.

10. No Need to Be Tech-Savvy

Because of their user-friendliness and simplicity, Nest products are easily programmable and usable. You don’t need to be a tech expert in using the products since most features and settings are automated. You have very little work to do to set it up and use it.

Bottom Line

Save yourself the hassle of always setting the temperature in your home all the time. Nest Thermostats come with several amazing features and settings that are meant to make your lifestyle more comfortable. Contact Airco Service today to find out more about purchasing your Nest Thermostat in 2020!