Best Thermostat For Summer Weather – Nest Product

Posted on: Aug 20, 2019

With summer here, there is nothing like a Nest thermostat or nest product. If you have not yet heard of this device, it is a thermostat that goes above and beyond you just changing the temperature of your home. With the warmer weather here to stay, it means time grilling outside, swimming in the pool, etc. The user-friendly Nest thermostat and Nest products overall have loads of features that make it the ideal choice for the summer months.

It Learns Your Routines

The great thing about a Nest product is their level of intelligence. This is a thermostat that is going to learn based on your behaviors over time. When you change the temperature down a degree or two at night routinely, it will begin to figure out that is where you like the temperature to be when you sleep. Taking this into account, it will make that adjustment.

The same goes for when you head out to work and turn the temperature up or down. Once it learns your routines, you have to do nothing to get it to react the way you would wish. It is the smart thermostat and is excellent for the summer months when you are trying to conserve energy usage as much as possible.

The Leaf Indicator

You can also use what is known as the leaf indicator on the Nest products. The leaf indicator will appear when you are using a temperature that is considered to be energy efficient. You want to think of this like driving your car in a way where you get the most mileage per gallon. You will likely see a savings of around 5% on your bill just by keeping the Nest thermostat at a temperature where the leaf is always appearing.

Track to Goals

The Nest products also allow you to take a look at your energy history and usage over time. Tracking and setting goals for yourself when it comes to energy usage is powerful habits to adopt. The information, which you can view on their website or mobile app, gives you information on how often your air conditioning runs each day, when it runs most, etc. You can then make adjustments to cut down on energy costs.

Save While Away

Everyone takes vacations when the summer months roll around. The Nest products have features where the internal motion sensor can detect when no one is home. When this detection takes place, the temperature can change automatically to save energy. You can also take control of your own, saving energy by using the mobile app.

The Nest products and the Nest thermostat specifically is a fantastic device to help you save a lot of energy during the summer months. When the time comes to upgrade your thermostat, or if you want to pay more attention to energy savings, call the team at Airco Service. The folks in Oklahoma can help you get set up with an energy-saving thermostat from the Nest product line in no time, to be prepared for the summer!