Top Three Reasons For Storm Shelters

Posted on: Jun 24, 2019

Even though Arkansas is not generally included on the maps in the infamous tornado alley, it is located in on the edge of one of the most dangerous terrains in the United States. That is why Arkansas residents need to build a tornado shelter for when the storm hits. As an area that is vulnerable to severe storms, shelters come in handy because if the wind is strong enough, it could bring down a resident’s house. Individuals advised avoiding taking shelter in basements because the house can come down on them and trap them under.

1.    Protection from Flying Glass and Debris

During a storm, there are usually strong winds that send broken glass and debris flying in every direction. Constructing a storm shelter ensures that you and your loved ones are protected. 
The high winds that accompany storms and tornadoes usually cause a great deal of damage. The winds carry with them medium to large particles that can cause severe injuries to anyone who is not sheltered. Even if the storm does not touch down near year home, you are safer in the storm shelters. 
The pressure from the winds also breaks windows; that is why staying in your house is not advisable. Failing to secure your loved ones in a storm shelter leaves you vulnerable to significant injuries. 
 A concrete storm shelter is sturdily built to withstand strong winds. It should have no windows to ensure you are completely protected from the storm that is ranging outside. 

2.    Protection from Collapsing Structures 

Even if you have a basement, it is not wise to take shelter down there when there is a storm. Structures tend to collapse during tornadoes and storms. Taking shelter in your basement puts you and your family of being trapped by the rubble in case your house collapses. 
Having a house sink down into the basement can be fatal for anyone using the basement as a storm shelter. Rescuing families trapped in the basement can be challenging, especially if no one was aware you use your basement as storm shelters. 

3.    Added Property Value

Aside from protecting you during a storm, building a tornado shelter adds value to your property. People moving to Arkansas are willing to pay more for a home with a tornado shelter. 
Even if you end up not using your shelter, you will recoup most if not all of the money you invested when you sell the house. Besides, having storm shelters will speed up the sale process. 
Ensure you work with an expert construction company to ensure you don’t spend money on such an expensive project in vain. All safety measures need to be met for the shelter to serve its purpose. 
The shelter should be constructed with fiberglass and steel panels. You can either have a shelter above the ground or underground. Whereas a shelter constructed underground can only be impacted by debris on the top, your only exit could end up being blocked. On the other hand, shelters that are above the ground are impacted by the storm in all directions. Weigh your options and decide whether you want your shelter constructed above the ground or underground.


Working with construction experts, like the team at Airco Service, ensures you build a functional shelter. You need to pay attention to all safety measures so that the shelter holds up during a storm. Even though this is a relatively costly project, it is worth every dollar you spend.

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