Is Your Icemaker Broken? Contact Airco for the Best Appliance Repair!

Posted on: Sep 25, 2018

Is the icemaker in your refrigerator not working properly? Maybe you’ve noticed water around the base of the fridge, a small amount of ice is coming out, or no ice at all is coming out from the icemaker. The issue here could be a number of problems, some of which are simple to correct. Others will require a complete repair or replacement of the icemaker. Whatever the issue is, you’ll receive experienced, professional appliance repair with the team at Airco Service, Inc. We service all makes and models.

Clogged Water Line

Sometimes the icemaker issue is a simple clog in the water line. Due to the presence of moisture (and often heat nearby from a local motor), mold can also form in the line and block it. Clearing the line not only restores your icemaker but it cleans out any bacteria that may have formed.

Blown Motor

Speaking of problems with the motor, a blown motor will prevent your icemaker from creating any ice at all. If your icemaker gives off a steady, low-pitched whir sound when you request ice or if there is no sound at all, it’s a good chance the icemaker motor is blown and needs to be replaced. Until it is replaced, the icemaker will not make ice.

Leaking Fridge

Have you noticed water beginning to pool around the base of the refrigerator? If you have, this is usually a problem with the freezer and the icemaker. Issues will vary, so you need to have it diagnosed quickly. The longer you let it sit the more water you’ll need to mop up. It may also affect the performance of the fridge. So don’t wait to see if the leak stops on its own. Instead, call the appliance repair specialists at Airco Service. Inc.

Appliance Repair

If you are experiencing problems with your icemaker, it is critical to have it serviced as quickly as possible. Ignoring icemaker and general appliance issues may result in far more damaging (and expensive) repairs. So if your icemaker or any other appliance is acting up, call or text the team at Airco Service Inc.; 918.252.5667. You can also contact us online. We’ll make your appliance repair as painless as possible!